Either you are looking for the first bike or next bike, there are quite a bit of general and updated information you may need to select the right one. Like cars, many new bikes have been designed and released for sale each year, and that gives overwhelming choices to users while you will want to make sure you get the best performing bike at your favorite style in your target budget.

In this buying guides of the best bikes for sale, you are going to read a lot about the general information and features you could understand to look for in a bike. This is basically very practical for beginners who are looking for the best bikes for sale. If you have been into this, you could skip certain parts and could go directly to the parts that are more useful for you.

What is the Best Bike for Me?

This is often the question people ask themselves when they are new to bike but looking for one. And, without answering this right, you might be reluctant at the bike shop because you will see so many bikes there while they are designed differently based on its types of bikes.

It is really important to know what kind of use you want with the bike you are looking for. There are quite a lot of kinds of bicycles for sale. To give you a brief review of each one, we have the description of the bike types below you may check.

  • Road Bikes
    Road bike is a popular bike type which is designed to ride in road. It is often found lighter with narrow tyres along with the drop handlebars. For style, efficiency and speed, this is the type of bikes many people would choose. Many have tried riding this road bike type on paved trail. Of course, it works, but some of them find it unstable and not very comfortable. Oftentimes, if you are going for long ride, road bike is the best. At the same time, under the road bike type, there are subcategories including cyclocross bicycles, touring bicycles, Time trial bicycles, flat-bar road bicycles, and track bicycles.
  • Mountain Bikes
    Like its name says, Mountain bikes are designed for off-road ride on tough trails. Its handlebars are often found upright and flat. Low gear range is another feature of this mountain bike, and that is for better pedaling up on steep trails. Mountain bikes will also be equipped with the suspension system. There are mountain bikes with only front suspension, called Hardtrails and mount bikes with back and front suspension systems which are called duallies or full-suspension bikes. Comparing to touring bikes, the mountain bikes are not as light and efficient. However, it still could be used as those two nicely.
  • Folding Bikes
    Unlike the first two, folding bikes are with smaller wheels at a compact form than the standard bikes. This makes it space saving and are more friendly to bring with. This kind of bikes are best for people who need it in their trip. It is foldable, and it could be taken on the boat or plane without much difficulty. For commuters, they love the type of bike too, and they could travel around and take it on the bus easily when they need to. In short, while helping people move easier, it needs less space to store, very portable. That is the best thing about folding bikes for sale.
  • Hybrid Bikes
    The name says it is hybrid. Of course, hybrid bikes are designed with a combination of road bikes and mountain bikes. They are perceived to offer better advantages as it combines the features of both road and mountain bikes, meaning it rides well on different conditions and applications. For the handlebars, they are made upright while the seat are large and padded nicely for comfortable position for the rider. The hybrid bikes are often found best for casual ride on bike paths, commuting, or around the town. It rides well too on paved roads but just it is not efficient as the road bikes since they are not as light in weight. However, it is strongly recommended to not ride on off-road mountain trails. For the hybrid bike design, there are some with suspension, and there are some without. Some people used to call this hybrid bike type as Cross Bikes. What so far that has made this bike type popular among riders are its comfort and stability.
  • Cruiser Bikes
    Known also as beach cruiser, cruiser bikes are somehow similar to the hybrid bikes in design, and its main purpose is for casual riding. Many find this type of bike comfortable with the wide soft seat as well as the riding position. For the tires, they are made wide while the handlebars are upright. Commonly, you will find cruiser bikes with either a single speed or three speed. Another uniqueness of the bike is it has the coaster brake which users could just pedal backward to stop the bike. As it is for causal ride and very stable to ride by its big tires, the cruiser bikes are popular and have been designed with so many styles and colors for the different tastes.
  • BMX Bikes
    BMX bikes are another type of bicycle. It simply means Bicycle Motocross. This bike type is for adults and children. However, it is more popular among children by its smaller size, and it is agile. Its wheels are often 20 inch, and the tires are made wide. Its handlebar position is made upright along with the steep head angle. That is for the sake of quick steering. BMX bikes are often used for performing the stunt or trick riding as well as for racing off road.
  • Tandem Bikes
    Tandem Bikes are more of a bike type for leisure. Tandem bicycles are made in a form of bicycles designed for two people. Just as it has two seat design for two people riding at the same time, there are many styles made available such as the cruiser tandems, mountain bike tandems, and road racing tandems. They are made more for fun than challenge. A similar type of this would be the “Social”, which is also the bike with two seats for two people, but the seats are designed side by side, not fore to aft as it is with the tandem bicycles.
  • Adult Tricycle
    The last type of bicycle we are going to feature in this is the Adult tricycles or Adult Trikes. As it is called tricycle because it has three wheels. This is particularly for older riders who want to move around by their own without having to bother about balance. For those with special needs, this is also a good option. A nicely-designed adult tricycle would be very comfortable to ride on. They are somehow very popular to that targeted users.

Conclusion: So, the purpose of your riding is the main answer to which bike is best for you. If you look for a casual riding, you might go for the commuting bike or folding bike when portability is your requirement. And if you want to ride well with speed and efficiency, you might go for the road bikes. In a case of off-road riding such as on the mountain trails, then the mountain bikes would be the best.

What Features to Look At in a Bike?

There are important features you should examine closely when you are checking for a bike. The features will let you know the quality of the bikes as well as its ability to meet your needs to ride a bike safely and comfortably. At least, you will get to know the parts of the bike and its functions, and you then will be more informed about the bike you are selecting.

Frame: Regarding the frame of a bike, it could possibly be made from carbon fiber, titanium, steel or aluminum based on its kinds and designs. The materials used to make the frame will decide the weight, the stiffness, and strength of the bikes. They decide in the fineness of the bike frame. However, steel is more affordable and is often used more with beginner bikes.

Brake: Brake is an important part of the bike. For these days, some best brakes which are used including the v-brakes, cantilever brakes, caliper brakes, and disc brakes. Among these, disc brakes are generally high performing than the rest. The disc brakes, which will clean up the muddy from the wheel rim, could be made hydraulic or mechanical.

Drivetrain: It is something to do with the number of speed available in a bike, and it decides by the cranksets and the sprockets of the rear cassette. The cranksets often have two chain rings or three. The speed adjustments could happen when riders shift one chain ring to another.

If you want to know the number of speeds you could have in a bike, you can multiply the number of sprockets with the number of chains in the cranksets. If you are looking for a more flexible speed in a bike, you can find it so by understanding this.

Shifters: Shifters are often found on the handlebar, and they are used to move the chain to find a new speed of your need. One shifter is for moving the chain on the sprockets, and the others is for moving the chain on the crankset. When checking the bike, you can have a look at this and see if you find it comfortable and easy to shift the chain.

Saddle: There is something to check out about the saddle too. Especially, when you are going to spend a lot of time riding, the comfort it offers is important. Some saddles are made small and firm while some are wider and softer.

In a case of the mountain bike and road bike, the narrow seat is more recommended since it allows for better control and efficient paddling while for casual ride, a wide and comfortable seat is better. Suspension seat post is another design element around the saddle. If you do not like it, you can find the bike that is not.

What to Bear In Mind When Buying a Bike?

There are things you should remember when looking for your best bikes to enjoy. These will be like the advises given by many who have experience buying the bikes. It is going to be quite useful for you to decide well. Those advices go around Bike Type, Bike Size, Price, Brand, and Accessories.

Bike Type: Choosing the right type of bicycle is extremely important because you could ride well based on your purpose. Choosing the wrong one will be a waste of money no matter how good the bike could perform. And, if you have read from the above, you will know the types of bikes for sale available, and you might have one in your mind that you are looking for.

Bike Size: The bike you see will be made at a particular size that fits a particular height of the riders. Thus, it is just very important that you know which bike size makes the best comfort for you. The size of the bikes and its suitability for riders would depend on the type of bikes as well, and for the details of the size and its suitability, you could check this out: Bike Size Charts.

Bike Price: The price of a bike comes at a range between $ 100 to $ 1000 or more. It is decided by many factors such as the types of the bikes, the brands, the quality, and more. However, you are highly recommended that you should not go for the cheap bikes.

They are not going to be well made for you, and if you end up not using it, it is waste of money for that. If it is a causal bike for casual use, you might consider the ones around 200 dollars, and when it is about the road bikes or mountain bikes, you should go for the one at about $ 400 or more. These bikes would be better assembled and are better made for you.

Bike Brands: Indeed, best bike brands such as Cannondale, Fuji, Giant, and Jamis imply a better trust on the quality, you can take that as a consideration. However, again the right type of bicycle you need should never be forgotten. You might choose the type first and look for the design in the bicycle brand you like.

Additionally, each brand covers different bicycle categories and are well known for different bicycle types. So, you should not mix them together. In this, comfort is another thing. A brand might offer different types of bicycles, and they might offer different designs of each.

If you can, you really should go to a shop and test it out. Only when you could test it that you know which one brings you the best comfort. There are many factors for that such as the frame, the brake, or shifters.

Bicycle Accessories: There are important accessories you might want to get along with your bike. You can check out what you need and might get them at the same time. You will then be more ready to start your cycling.

Among all, the helmet is very important. Never ignore your safety when cycling. It could turn out very bad when careless. Other than that, best made cycling shoes and clothing could provide you very good feel about cycling.