Bike Storage Ideas

If you own a bike, then it is obvious that you are looking for a pace to keep your bike, or even a bike storage solution. Whether you are living in a small apartment, a tiny house or even in a huge mansion, you always need to find a perfect storage idea or a storage place for your bikes.

Why do you need bike storage?

  • If you love your bike, then surely how your bike looks, how it works will be important for you. Bikes are made of metal and it can get rusted if kept in the open. It has to be kept in a covered place so that the chain, handles, body etc don’t get dirty and rusted.
  • You also need a storage area for your bicycle and a bit more because you need to access it also. You need to take it out, and put it back in, so you need some more space.

How to choose the bike storage Ideas

While choosing the ways in which you want to store your bike, there are varieties of factors which come in the mind. They are:

  • Space available:space is the primary factor in deciding the kind of storage you want. If there is less space than a different kind of idea would be put into place. Space will decide what kind of biking storage solutions you can install at your place. A person living in a tiny house will have lesser space than a person living in a huge apartment.
  • Security and Protection: a bike maybe not very costly but still it is a valuable asset. You have paid for it and if taken care of, it can give you a very good service for many years to come. Therefore on needs to protect it from damage and theft.
  • Protection from weather: a bike has to be protected from weather as well. Rain water can make the body rust and too much sun can make the colour of the body fade. The weather can have a major impact on the performance of the bike as well.

List of Bicycle Storage Ideas

  • Covering the bike: using a bike cover will save the bike from damage like scratches and other kind of damages like people throwing something over the bike, protection from pets and birds.
  • Bike storage sheds: if you love your bicycle a lot, then you wouldn’t mind having a personal shade for your bike. If you have the space then this can be the best Bike Storage Ideas.
  • Ceiling racks: these racks are good choice if you do not much space in your house. However the bad part is that, you might have to lift your cycle to the rack and it can be problematic if your bike is too dirty or heavy.
  • Tents: it is similar to storage in a shed as well as covering it. It is very good as it is highly affordable.
  • Sheds: these sheds have a very nice designing, moreover they are strong and are resistive towards bad weather.
  • Wall storage racks: just like the ceiling racks, the wall racks will also save lot of space. The bike sticks to wall in this kind of storage. There are different kinds of wall storage racks also.
  •  Wooden bike shelf: This is a wooden handing system which is stylish and will complement your beautiful interiors. This is also a very cost effective solution as the wooden bike shelf is not costly to build.
  •  Wooden bike hook: This is another cost effective solution. It is sleek and stylish, probably the most cost effective idea. The hook is made of plain oak wood
  •  DIY bike rack storage: Some people want to add their personal touch to whatever they have. For them it is the custom DIY bike rack storage. The list of items include hooks, paint, book tags, driller, wood stain, hammer, nail etc. and you are good to go.