Bike Storage Shed

Different Types Of Bike Storage Sheds To Keep Your Bike Protected

A bike storage shed offers an ideal way for you to have the capacity to keep your bike protected and secure. A shed not only shields your bike from harsh climatic conditions and thieves, but additionally goes a long way in making your yard or garage look highly organized. There are many pre-constructed sheds available on the market these days, and you can easily choose the one that goes well with your house design.

There are many important factors that you need to consider before selecting a bike storage shed that can satisfy all your storage needs efficiently. You must ensure that any shed you choose is fully capable to store all the bikes owned by you and other members of your family. Furthermore, it is equally vital to make sure that shed does not detract from the look of your yard but adds to its aesthetic appeal.

Different types of bike storage sheds available:

The most widely used materials to create a bike shed are metal, plastic, and wood. When you are aware about the advantages and limitations of these materials, this can go a long way in helping you choose the best shed as per your needs. Some of the most popular types of sheds are given as follows:

  • Metal sheds: These are one of the most economical sheds, which makes them perfect for any regular house owner. But, such sheds are not as attractive as many other types and are inclined to get contracted in the cold weather, which may even cause your bike to rust.
  • Plastic sheds: Such sheds are a little on the expensive side, but there are no condensation problems with this category. These are available in different colors and appealing designs, so can easily pick the one that best compliments your yard. On the flip side, prolonged exposure to sunlight eventually causes the plastic to rot, and you may need to replace them after a few years.
  • Wooden sheds: These are one of the best bike storage sheds that give natural insulation and thus prevent the bike from rusting. It is exceptionally durable and also does not get affected by the sun exposure. These give true returns on the money invested as they significantly last longer than any other type of shed.
  • Sheds with flooring: If you are truly serious about giving your bike that needed protection, then you must choose a shed that comes with floor. A raised floor would prevent the dampness and moisture from the ground while safeguarding your loved bike from getting rusted.
  • Temporary Sheds: These sheds are perfect for those with bikes that are not used frequently. They are usually made out of PVC tubing and employ climate safe materials. When you are not using the shed, you can have your bike hanging from the roof or in your garage.

You should always remember that the best bike storage shed is dry as well as spacious, and at the same time is highly secure from different types of threats.