BMX bike, standing for bicycle motocross, is another popular bike type, which is smaller and often seen with lower seat and higher handlebars. It is serving more than just transporting. It is indeed a sport.

Kids love playing around and tricking with this kind of bike a lot. If you are looking for one for the kids, it is important that you know some general information about the complete BMX bikes for sale so that you have more chance to buy the right one. For this on, there will be the buying guides for the best BMX bikes you can scan through.

In the meantime, ten best BMX bikes have been carefully selected and briefly reviewed as for the suggestions. With the buying guides along with the best BMX bikes for sale suggestion, our team believes you are going to find your right BMX bikes quick and easy.

What to Consider When Buying a BMX Bike?

BMX bikes, like other types of bikes, have its own general fact one should get to know to understand what the best BMX bike is like. It is a complete different design to other bicycle types, and it is designed for a different purpose.

The following is some of the consideration you should take and think about before selecting a BMX bike. Through getting to know this, you will be able to narrow it down and have some ideas what the BMX bike that will fit your demand the most for your riding purpose.

BMX Styles: commonly, a BMX bike could be used on the street, the dirt, flatland or for racing. Because these purposes require different designs and styles, they are made differently, and that is why you should consider the type of ride you will use this BMX bike so that you could buy just the right style of BMX bike.

Usually, you will see them called either the BMX bike, the Freestyle Bike, or the Dirt Jumper. They are all the BMX bikes but come with differences in styles. Indeed, each bike could ride on any surface. However, the right bike for the right surface brings the best riding experience to you.

Proper Frame Size: Picking up the right size of the bike frame is important. That decides if you could ride comfortably. An inch difference could be huge to the riding experience.

Thus, you should really care about the comfort you have riding any BMX bike you want to get. The best thing is to test riding it when you go to the bmx shop and buy it.

If you are going to buy it online, you have go to know what particular size you feel most comfortable with and check out with the specification of the BMX designs you may like. Also to notice, the wheel size is also different while the standard one is 20 inch. Smaller than this is for young kids.

Parts and the Overall Quality: There are many parts in a BMX bike, and the quality of those parts will decide the overall quality of the complete bike. Thus, it is as well a good idea to check each part carefully. If you are happy with them, things should be very right for you. Certain parts to check out include the gear, frame materials, brake system and more.

Understand Your Price Point: For a BMX bike, it comes at a price range between a few hundreds and more than a thousand dollar. You can decide at what price you are willing to play, and you can go to the price range you want to spend.

Many cheap bmx bikes are, at the same time, available. Generally, the more expensive BMX bikes for sale are the ones with more expensive parts and brands. Expensive BMX bikes are often designed lighter for better performance and speed. That is an example.

BMX Bike and Rider: Mostly, BMX bikes are for kids and teenagers. In a case, you, as a parent, is looking for a BMX bike for your kids, you have go to make sure your kids love the way the bike looks.

If not, you could end up dissatisfy him or her no matter how good the performance or the quality of the BMX bike you have bought is. If you go to the bike shop, you can take your kids with you and ask if he or she likes that, and you can also consult with the seller if which one is best for your kids.

Features to Examine in a BMX Bike

When checking the BMX bikes you might be interesting, you should go over the main parts and features built in the bike. This way will let you confirm that the bike is really of the quality you want as well as getting you to pick up the right choice. Certain important features or MBX parts to examine closely include the types of BMX bikes, frame, the brakes, handlebar, wheel and tyres.

Types of BMX Bikes: Three common ones are the BMX, Freestyle, and Jump. BMX is made just to race and dirty ready. For freestyle type, it is produced for better sturdiness, and that is to perform the trick. Lastly, it is the Jump which sometimes is called Dirt Jumper.

It is basically the fusion of the previous two. If you just want to ride it on the street or at the park, Freestyle is the best. If you need the bike for off-road racing, you might consider the BMX while the Jump have the mixture of the features for you.

Frame Materials: Particularly for the BMX bike, this type aims more for the balance to perform the trick rather than for speed. So, it is important that the bike is light and strong.

Generally, chromoly is the type of metal alloy which is considered great for the type of BMX bike. This material is light and very durable to persist well when riders perform the tricks. Another common BMX bike frame material is aluminum. This material is best for less technical courses, and for power transfer, it has maximum stiffness and speed to offer.

Brakes: There are two types of brakes, often used in BMX bikes. They are U-brake and Linear-Pull Brake. The difference between the two lies in how it works. U-brake is best for gripping and Linear-Pull Brake is for more capability to control the bike speed.

For BMX and Dirt Jumper, they are more for stopping power, Linear-Pull Brake is best, and it needs only for the rear brake while Freestyle is more about controlling the bike in one place, so U-Brake is the best,and they need for both on the front and rear.

Handlebars: The handlebars are made different between the freestyle and BMX. For freestyle and jump type, the bars are often rising steeper, and that is to make more space and freedom to move for the riders. For BMX, it is mainly for racing, and it does not need big space to move easier.

Most Recommended of The Best BMX Bikes For Sale

Wheel and Tyre: Between the three types of the BMX bikes, the wheels and tyres are made quite different. That is simply to serve the different rides. Take the sturdiness as the example.

As Freestyle bike is to perform tricks, it needs more stability, and as a result, it has wider wheels and tyres. For the standard wheel of the bike, it is usually seen 20 inch. However, there are smaller ones for kids and bigger ones for specific needs.

BMX bike has somewhat become one of the most popular bicycle options that many young people opt for. Such individuals simply prefer BMX bike for its convenience and ability in show-offing tricks and styles of their bicycle rides.

To make it more convenient for those who want to buy a great quality BMX for sale, below list will present ten of the best options out there that everyone can look for.

Mongoose Bikes Boy’s Legion L80 Bicycle, 20-Inch

This Legion L80 Bicycle from Mongoose is one of the best BMX bikes for sale you can get on the market right now. One of the best features that makes this particular BMX bike model so popular is due to its lightweight chromoly body that also features a decent triangle frame with internal headset and ahead compression stem. The 36 inch alloy wheels that come with this bike also has a oversized axles for creating movement and color wall tires for great attractions.

Razor 62042 High Roller BMX/Freestyle Bike

Another top quality BMX bike also worth mentioning in this top ten list is the High Roller BMX bike from Razor. It is built with a really eye catchy Razor’s design that every Razor fans would fall in love at first sight. It has a 4 bolt stem and a steel BMX frame for a very strong and sturdy build quality. Moreover, it also features a convenient and fast release seat post clamp for better riding as well.

Mongoose Boy’s Legion Mag Bicycle, 20-Inch

Another product from Mongoose, the Legion Mag Bicycle is also another popular BMX bike you can find on the market right now. It has a freestyle body design that is both very lightweight and highly durable. The wheels are made of top quality alloy mag that also features sealed bearings. Furthermore, it also comes with 4 freestyle pegs for effective grinds and tricks ability. This is really such a nice freestyle or BMX bike.

X-Games FS20 Freestyle Bicycle

This freestyle bicycle from X-Games is also another popular BMX bike on the market. The overall build design of this bike is indeed really stylish and attractive. It has amazing front and rear pegs as well as decent BMX X-Games saddle. The build construction of this bike is made of a tig welded steel frame and fork that offers outstanding durability and stability. Moreover, the so-called 4 bolt alloy system of this BMX bike is also another stand-out feature to look at.

Diamondback Venom 20″ BMX Bike

This venom BMX bike from Diamondback is also another well known BMX bike that worth mentioning in this top ten list. It is made from a top quality high tensile steel frame and fork which provides superior structure and durability. Moreover, it is also designed with three piece chromoly cranks and are very sturdy and durable. The U-brake system that comes equipped with this bike also provides a decent braking for convenient riding.

Razor Nebula BMX/Freestyle Bike

At number six, the nebula BMX bike from Razor is also one of the best BMX bikes for sale you can find on the market right now. It comes with a 20 inch wheel design with decent quality pegs. The overall body frame and fork of this bike is made of tig welded steel that is known for outstanding durability. It also has an alloy seat clamp for convenient riding experience as well. Plus, the freestyle rotor that comes included with this bike is also a great feature to have.

Mongoose Bikes Boy’s Legion L18

Another product from Mongoose also makes its place in this list is the Legion L18. This particular BMX bike model is greatly known for its low-stance structure which is indeed a perfect choice for young boys who love riding a BMX bike. It is designed with two black alloy wheels that offer great stability as well as movement. For its braking system, this BMX bike is equipped with a rear U brake that promises a very effective stopping power.

Diamondback Bicycles 2014 Viper BMX Bike

This Viper BMX bike from Diamondback is also another outstanding BMX models worth looking for on the market right now. It has a white and blue design which is very stand-out of the crowd. The alloy wheels of this BMX bike are designed with 36H rims for convenient movement and riding experience. This bike is designed with a 3-piece crank body made of tubular chrome. It simply has the features of what is in the best BMX bike.

Kent BMX 20 Boy’s Freestyle Bike

Another popular choice also worth mentioning in this list goes to this freestyle bike from Kent Pro, one of the nice Pro BMX bikes. The body frame and fork of this BMX bicycle is a tig welded steel construction which offers outstanding durability and stability. The alloy seat clamp and the handbrakes at the front and rear part are all made of premium materials that promises outstanding performance and great quality for the money.

RoyalBaby BMX Freestyle Kids Bikes 18 inch

Last but certainly not least, this BMX freestyle from RoyalBaby is one of the best BMX bike models every little kid deserves. It is made of top quality build materials that offers great supports and durability. The overall body construction is made of a strong and sturdy steel frame for the best stability and durability possible. The wheels and rims are also made of top quality materials that ensure good supports for its overall structure, making sure that your lovely kids enjoy the best BMX freestyle riding experience.