As you have landed on the page, it might be clear that you have decided to choose road bike to buy, and you might need some guides on how to get the best road bike for your ride. Road bikes are actually a popular type, and many people enjoy its ride.

Generally, road bikes are made with narrow tyres, light frame, and short wheelbase. Many road bikes, when produced, aim for the speed, efficiency and design to produce the fun ride for the cyclists. For this type of bikes, it is best to ride on the pavement, and people often ride it to exercise, race, or even tour around.

However, if you are going to ride the road bike, one important thing to care about is the proper fit. If it does not fit you well, it may lead to some pain riding it, and you would not want it every time you ride. This is just the start. The following key features and consideration are more of the how to buy the best road bikes for sale you can scan through.

What to Consider When Buying the Road Bike?

Handlebars: for road bikes, there are two designs of handlebars you could choose. Both the drop-bar handles and flat-bar handles have their own uses. Drop-bar handles are considered better in terms of efficiency.

Coming with more options for the hand and riding position, it requires cyclists to bend over at the waist, and that will transfer the energy to let the bike move forward faster. However, it is a hard work.

Instead, for the flat-bar handle, it allows cyclists for a more upright riding position. This is more relaxing for the back, handles and shoulders while cyclists would be able to see the road better. Its con is the fact that it will not be as efficient as with the drop bar handles.

Price: Pricing is another important thing you would need to consider and know if how much you are willing to spend for the road bike you need.  Indeed, many cheap bikes for sale are available.

Generally, a good road bike for sale could cost somewhere between 500 dollars to 2000 dollars. Likewise, there are road bikes made for beginners, intermediate and advanced cyclists.

It is also recommended that you should not go for too cheap road bikes. They might not have the comfort and quality you want.

Road Bike Designs: In terms of how it looks, many stylish road bikes are available for consideration. Nonetheless, all those road bikes for sale are in one of the three categories, the beginner road bike, the intermediate road bike, and the advanced road bike.

Generally, each is made different for the frame, the transmission, and wheels. When checking out your road bike, you can confirm it with the seller which that is the right road bike for your level.

Comfort and Your Ride: Again, it is vitally important that you have tested the ride on the bike you want to buy. For road bikes, you have got to feel comfortable riding a particular one. If you could not find a proper fit with the bike, you had better not get it. It could bring you pain riding the road bike that does not fit you well.

Road Bike Top Brands: If you are looking for the top brands for road bikes for sale, you will see many people like Giant, Cannondale, Trek, Fuji and Cervelo. Indeed, the brand is important because it assures you the quality and trust in the bike you buy.

But, again, never forget to find the one you feel most comfortable riding. And, often, because a bike is from the top brand, they are more expensive.

Features in the Best Road Bikes

Frame: Particularly for road bikes, its frame is often made from aluminum, steel, or carbon fiber. For beginner road bikes, the frame is either the aluminum or steel while for advanced road bikes, they are generally made from carbon fiber. Carbon fiber is lighter than other frame materials.

That makes it more expensive, accordingly. However, either steel or aluminum are very good for road bike too. Other than the materials used for the frame, it is the size of the frame to examine. This could decide if your body fits to the setup of the bike.

Transmission: for many road bikes, they usually come with two ring crankset and around 10 speed casset. However, there are road bikes that are different from this. In case, you know you need a specific requirement, you can go further and look for the particular one that fits your need.

And, if you want to know the possibility of the speed adjustment, you can multiply the number of rings in the crankset with the number of sprockets in the cassette.

Road Bike Brakes: Often, there are two types of brakes found on a road bike. They are the rim or caliper brakes and the hydraulic disc brakes. Traditionally, you will see caliper brakes on a road bike.

However, at this modern development, more choices are used, and such the hydraulic disc brakes in a road bike is more affordable and efficient to let cyclists control the speed better.

Road Bike Tyres: For the purpose of speed and efficiency, road bikes come with very narrow tyres (between 23 and 28 mm) while wider tyres are more cushioning but heavier.

Nevertheless, the new trend is making it wider. Thus, when finding one, it would depend on your need. If you look for a more comfortable ride, you can check for a wider tyre. If for speed, you can stay with the narrow tyre road bikes.

Styles: Related to the styles of road bikes, there are two main ones – the endurance road bike and race road bike. If you are new to riding the road bike, the endurance road bike is more fantastic. It rides better on different kinds of surfaces.

However, if you are particularly looking for the road bike to race, there is not a hesitation to get the racing road bike style. The styles of mens road bikes and womens road are as well seen with some differences which each one is designed perfectly just for its target gender.

Bike Accessories: Plenty of accessories for your bike are available. Certain accessories like helmet are a must. You should wear one at all time for the sake of your safety when you are riding. The rest would depend on your particular needs. We will never know what is going to happen, so it is always a good idea to keep yourself safe at all time.

Most Recommended Road Bikes for Sale

Road bike is another popular type of bicycles on the market out there. This particular model has indeed gained a lot of popularity amongst the general public. Those who like to hit the road with bicycles should definitely consider buying such types of bikes. As such, below list will introduce ten of the best road bikes for sale you can find on the market right now.

Diamondback Bicycles Serios S Ready Ride Trial Bike

This road bike model from Diamondback Bicycles has been rated as one of the best performing road bikes for sale worth considering. It is designed with a full carbon Serios frame which is also known as a product of real-world testing and wind tunnel.

This particular model of road bike for sale is indeed also very easy to assemble. Overall, not only this road is lightweight, but it also provides a very decent stability and performance as well. This is indeed a very good road bike sale to consider.

Vilano Performance Shimano Commuter Road Bike

Another popular choice of road bicycle goes to this Commuter Road Bike from Vilano. It is indeed a road bike that is specially designed for performance-based quality with its Shimano components and 700c wheels.

The body frame of this bicycle is also a product of aluminum 6061 that is known for great durability. It also comes included with an integrated headset as an additional feature as well.

Takara Kabuto Single Speed Road Bike

This single speed road bike from Takara is also another outstanding option of the best road bikes on the market. It is indeed a commuter road bike that is designed with a single speed system and a tig-welded steel frame and fork for its body build construction.

It also features a 33 inch standover clearance for the user’s convenience as well. Either in terms of design or quality, this Takara Kabuto Road Bike is undoubtedly among the very good ones.

Merax Finiss Aluminum Road Bike Racing Bicycle Shimano

Another well known choice of road bikes that everyone should also look for is this racing bicycle Shimano from Merax. This particular road bike somewhat has a relatively new looking design that is so stand out of the crowd.

The overall build construction of this bicycle is made of an aluminum frame with a 21 speed shifting system. Moreover, the two wheels that are equipped with this bike are the 700c wheels which are greatly known for their top performance attributes.

Vilano Shadow Road Bike

Another top quality and best road bike for sale also worth mentioning in this list also goes to another product from Vilano. It is indeed the Vilano Shadow road bike. It has a really stylish and eye catchy pure white finish design which is so attractive for most bike riders.

For its body frame, it is a double butted aluminum 6061 with an integrated headset, which overall offers a really comfortable and convenience riding experience.

Aluminum Road Bike Commuter Bike Shimano 21 Speed 700c

This alternative aluminum road bike from Vilano is also another decent choice for the best of the best road bikes candidates. It has a really attractive all-white finish that looks so stylish with today’s fashion.

The double butted aluminum frame of this road bike offers a really strong and sturdy control and riding experience for the users, as it is very lightweight and very solid at the same time.

Critical Cycles Classic Fixed-Gear Single-Speed Bike

This classic road bike from Critical Cycles is another worthy choice to look for as well. Indeed, this particular model has one of the most unique and classic look that will never run out of style.

The overall structure of this bike, including the body frame, the handlebar as well as the wheels are all made of top quality materials that ensure the best stability and durability.

Nashbar TR1 Touring Bike

This TR1 Touring Bike from Nashbar is easily one of the best options you can get out there.

With such a reasonable price tag coming at very high end features, this amazing road bike has become a very popular choice among today’s public. The particular body frame construction of this road bike is so superior in terms of its construction materials.


Retrospec Bicycles CycloCross Nine-Speed/Commuter Bike

This AMOK CycloCross commuter bike from Retrospace Bicycles is also another decent choice of the best road bikes for sale you can find on the market right now.

It indeed has a double butted 4130 chromoly frame which is also known for a great durability and sturdiness. It also has a 9 speed derailleur and micro shifter to make speed shifting and control a whole lot easier and effective.


Retrospec Bicycles CycloCross Convertible Bike

Last but certainly not least, another great road bike model everyone should consider is this outstanding road bike from Retrospec Bicycles. This particular road bike model comes with a really eye catchy sky blue finish.

Construction wise, this road bike is designed with a really nice and sturdy chromoly frame. Moreover, this road bike also features sealed bearing hubs that offer fewer rolling resistance and maintenance needs.