Tandem bike is a unique design and bike type. It is much different from other types of bikes because it simply is designed for more than one rider, riding at a time. There are tandem bikes for two riders, three riders or even more. That makes the frame size hugely different from the common bikes.

Usually, for the front rider, he or she is called captain while the back rider is called stoke. Tandem bike has been developed with a purpose, and for those who are enjoying with those purposes love the tandem bike type badly. As you have come here, it is very likely that you are one of those and probably looking for a tandem bike to start the ride or a new tandem bike to replace your old one.

The tips and guides below will be good to know so that you can keep your knowledge about the tandem bike updated and importantly could find the right tandem bike as you need.

Why Ride a Tandem Bike?

Tandem bikes have more than one seat, and that is the key difference. This lets it do some work other bikes can not. Obviously, a tandem bike could allow partners or families to ride the bike together and have fun. Attaching a bike trailer for kids at the back is what couple has done. Thus, they could together as a family riding the bike. That is an exact one purpose of the bike.

For some people, they just want to ride a tandem bike together and encounter that new challenge of riding the bike.In another situation, tandem bikes would allow blind people to also ride while they could not do it alone in a single bike. Therefore, when you are going to ride a bike in team of two or three for whatever reason, you are going to need a tandem bike.

Something More to Know About a Tandem Bike

There is something more to know about the tandem bike. Because it is designed for two or three people riding together in one tandem bike, it has a longer and bigger frame design, and many think the bike is not going to perform great for climbing or downhilling. Indeed, a tandem bike does ride on flat, terrain or downhill. It might be more difficult, but it is actually another challenge for those who like tandem bikes.

Number of Seats:

Again, a tandem bike is designed to let more than a rider, riding the bike. Thus, before buying a tandem bike, it is important that you know how many people are going to ride the bike with you. Thus, you can choose the bike with that number seats you need. If it involves your families or friends, you can have a discussion with them. It is not looking good at all when the riders are more or less than the number of the seats in its frame design.

However, there is another solution when the number of riders are not clear. It is the convertible frame tandem bike. It means you can adjust the frame design to the number of riders you have. If that works in your case, you can look for such frame design in the tandem bike you like to have.


Comfort is always the main thing to check out when it is about riding the bike. Especially for riding the tandem bike, it is even more important that the captain could sit comfortably and the kids are position well and safe at the back in case of one. That is pretty much about the frame design, and the simple and best way to confirm that is to test riding it.

If not, you take the risk of not being able to ride well and comfortably in your tandem bike. Related to features, of course, extra comfort could come from features like the suspension seatposts. If you feel like you need those, you can particularly go and ask for them.

Wheel Size:

Just like any other types of bikes, the wheel size of a bike has a lot to do with its ability to deal with different surfaces, road barriers such as bumps, the speed, and stability. 26 inch wheel is the standard size in some off-road bikes as well as the tandem bikes for sale. This wheel size works great if it is for the purpose of touring or racing. However, a variety of tires are available. If you are going to ride on dirt or payment, you could find the one that is perfect to the road condition.

Frame Materials:

Tandem bike frame have to accommodate a lot of weight from more riders. Thus, it is extremely vital that the frame material used is strong enough. When it comes to the frame materials of a tandem bike, the very common one would be steel. It is strong, quite durable, and cheap.

But, there are some who do not like the fact that they are heavier and rust could form especially when exposing to water. This makes some love aluminum or titanium better.

Of course, they are lighter and durable but more expensive. Instead for the premium frame material, it is carbon fiber. It is the lightest and strongest material but most expensive. They are found only in premium tandem bikes for sale.

Nonetheless, when talking about the strength the frame could hold, besides the material, the thickness of the tube also matters. There are times when two or three riders sit on along with more loading of their staff. This gives the frame a hard work.

If you know that could be your case, you have got to check out the material as well as the tube thickness to be safe. On the other hand, if it is touring with families or friends as your use for the tandem bike for 2 people, the steer frame is good enough to go for.

Other than these, it is the accessories you may need with the tandem bike such as the bells and helmets. Accessories like helmets are important, and you should have and wear it at all time you are riding.

It keeps you safer. And, accessories like bell or horn is extra support to have fun with your ride. If you have a bit of time considering all the accessories you might need and get them along with your tandem bike at one.

Most Recommended Tandem Bikes For Sale

There are many types of bicycles you can find on the market right now. In fact, one of the most stand-out type you may find is a tandem bike. This particular type of bicycle has also been a very popular choice amongst the public these days. For those who are interested, below list will help introduce ten of the best tandem bicycles that are worth considering on the market out there.

Kent Northwoods Dual Drive Tandem Bike

This dual drive tandem bicycle from Kent is indeed one of the most popular choices you can find on the market out there. It is designed with a top quality cruiser style body frame with a 21 speed Shimano technology speed shifting. This particular tandem bike measures at 29 inches for its front body and 20 inches for its rear part. A pair of spring gel saddles that comes with this tandem bike also makes it a very convenient and comfortable bicycle to ride on a casual basis.

Kent Dual Drive Tandem Comfort Bike

Another dual drive tandem bike from Kent also makes its place in this top ten list. Very similar to the previous version, this highly comfortable tandem bike is greatly known for its amazing design and construction work that offers a great bike riding experience for the users. It is specially designed with a cruiser style frame that offers a great stability and durability for a very comfortable riding.

Giordano Viaggio Tandem Road Bike

This Viaggio tandem road bike from Giordano is another worthy option everyone should consider. Very stylish for its design quality, this particular tandem bike model is built with a 7005 aluminum for its body frame. This thus provides a very lightweight and sturdy quality for its structure. Regarding its speed control, this tandem bike is equipped with a Shimano STI 8 speed system for convenient speed shifting.

Pacific Dualie Tandem Bicycle with 26″ Wheels

This dualie tandem bicycle from Pacific is also another outstanding choice you can find on the market right now. It features a steel mountain body frame that ensures a very strong and sturdy quality. It is also equipped with a 21 speed derailleur that features a convenient and effective speed shifting of 21 speed twists. The alloy wheels that are equipped with this tandem bike are also made of decent materials that offer a very solid quality with a very lightweight design.

26″ Tandem Bike, Yellow, Hi-ten frame

Standing at number five of the list, this hi-ten frame tandem bike from Pacific Style is another great option to look for as well. It comes with a really eye catchy yellow finish that always make you stand out of the crowd wherever you go. The overall build construction of this tandem bicycle is also very spot on. It is strong, sturdy and very lightweight in terms of its build design. It is really one of the best tandem bikes for sale to see.

Micargi California 26″ Tandem Aluminum Frame Shimano

This california tandem bicycle from Micargi is another outstanding choice that everyone can consider should they are looking for a top quality tandem bike for the money. The body frame of this tandem bicycle is a product of Hi-Ten steel aluminum frame. Moreover, it also features a shimano 24 speed shifting system for a very effective and convenient riding experience as well.

Micargi Island Tandem Bicycle

This Island Tandem Bicycle from Micargi is another popular choice on the market that is worth considering. It has a very stylish and elegant design, perfectly ideal for a weekend ride along the riverfront. Feature wise, this tandem bike is equipped with a shimano tourney TX31 derailleur that offers a very decent speed shifting. Moreover, the two wheels that are equipped with this tandem bike are also pretty decent regarding its build and performance quality.

J Bikes 18-Speed 2-Seater Tandem Bicycle Beach Cruiser Bike

This tandem bicycle model from J Bikes by Micargi is another stand-out option that is worth considering in this top ten list. This tandem bike is designed with outstanding build quality that ensures a very great and pleasing overall riding experience. For instance, both the front and rear frame size are very nicely crafted for a very stable and comfortable ride.

Hollandia Rathburn Tandem Bike, 26 inch Wheels

Another popular option everyone can find on the market out there goes to this Rathburn Tandem Bike from Hollandia. Construction wise, this tandem bike is made of a very stunning steel material for its body frame which also features a decent fork made out of steel as well. Another extra feature that makes this tandem bike very special compared to others is its quick release seat post clamp made out of high quality aluminum.

Kulana Lua Single Speed Tandem, Yellow, 17″/Medium

Last but certainly not least, this Lua single speed tandem bike from Kulana is another well worthy option that everyone should consider. It is designed with outstanding build materials for both its body frame and other related components. Overall, this tandem bike offers a very stable and comfortable riding experience you hardly found in other regular bikes. The seatings are very comfortable, whereas the the single speed system makes it a very simple and effective way of bike riding.