Kenneth sent in this “real man’s pink bike” photo, and writes:

“Crystal, attached is a picture of my pink bike. Adventure Cycling’s Bicycle Bits led me to your site and interest in pink bikes. My pink bicycle is a steel Bike Nashbar 6000 Tour purchased in 1993 to replace the bicycle I drove into the garage while on the car rack. The pink (corral) was the only bike in the store that fit me. Over the years I have taken many touring trips – Pacific Coast; New Orleans to Ohio; Ohio to Maine; Granville, Massachusetts to Granville, Ohio.

“The picture was taken at the ‘End of the Trail’ monument to Lewis & Clark at Sea Side, Oregon after completing the 3,600 mile trip from Ohio to Oregon following the Corps of Discovery’s route. Having a pink bike has allowed me to seldom worry about my bicycle being stolen as I ride across the country. Through the years worn out components have been changed and upgraded, but it is essentially a simple steel touring bicycle from the catalog.”